It’s the deep breath before the plunge…

With 2016 now underway the reality of starting a PhD is well and truly upon me; the contracts are being sorted out and I should be starting within the next few weeks. I set up this blog to help me document my progress through this journey from a personal perspective.

My field of study is related to the way in which the human body adapts and responds to exercise, specifically the causes (and hopefully solutions) of inter-individual variability in training response. So that may sound like quite a scary topic but inter-individual variability in training response is basically the phenomenon that frequently occurs when people complete an exercise training regimen; some people get better, others worse, and some stay the same. So, why does that happen; why does it matter; and what the hell can we do about it? Well, that is my PhD.

I’m doing my PhD at the University of Kent, UK, under supervision from Dr. James Hopker and Prof. Louis Passfield. My research is funded by Cadence Cycling Performance Center, where I complete work testing and coaching cyclists at a range of performance levels. I decided to complete my PhD at the same University that I completed my B.Sc. and M.Sc. for a multitude of reasons, but mainly because I enjoy working with my supervisors, have good knowledge of the lab equipment and protocols, and not to mention that I currently am living in a sleepy seaside corner of the country so extending a commute any further would be a nightmare!

The other aspects of my life involve cycling, where I am a pretty decent road cyclist; films, where I watch things on a screen pretty well; and being with family… obviously. I am going to maintain this blog by completing weekly updates on what I got up to that week. This is mainly for my benefit, in the way that it will get me to reflect on how I spent my time and evaluate what I completed that week. If this blog serves to help anyone in any way whatsoever, well that’s just a bonus.