Samples galore!

So with ethical approval for the first full study of my PhD granted I got cracking with getting the first few subjects started. There has been a long process leading up to this with finishing a previous study, a laboratory move, ethics submission and amendments, but now it’s finally underway!

My first subject was thankfully an absolute tank; a super-good time trialler and he put himself in a box during the training session prescribed with only a session structure and guidance that it should be as hard as possible. He did four repeats of 5 minutes ‘on’, 5 minutes ‘off’; and was smashing the power for each interval. Naturally, when he finished he described a similar session that he does mid-season which includes TWELVE, 5 minute efforts, with 2 minutes recovery, that would be done at a higher power than he did in the present session. #WattageBazooka!

So my current study involves lots of samples; per session there are 12 blood samples and 4 urine, and there are 9 training sessions per subject…

This is my first study which includes venous blood and urine samples; and I’m finally getting a handle on the collection and processing techniques, much to my relief. I was so thankful for having two experience colleagues nearby to give advice and make sure I was doing things right – these samples will only be analysed after all my subjects are through testing… leaving me always worrying  that I am collecting or processing them incorrectly.

I find pipetting samples quite therapeutic, somewhat reminding me of the motor-skills I used to use when I was younger playing with Lego or painting Warhammer models. This is a little more serious though.

So with things started now I am keeping my head down and driving forward; I’m learning every day and refining the process still.

Until next time,


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